The 2013 SMBBGR Awards

The Nominees

We have a great group of nominees for our inaugural SMBBGR Awards. After you've read through the choices, go vote for your favorites. You can also click "Tweet" below any nominee's name to encourage others to vote for them on Twitter. (Shares, likes, and follows don't factor into the final results; they're just a way to show support!)

The Hashtagger Award

Who is the go-to person for their industry thanks to social media? Who has been able to build their reputation and expertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks enough so that their name is synonymous with the work they do? Vote for your choice now!

Chad Lothian

If you need a beer recommendation, review, or info about a beer-related event, there’s only one place to go. Chad Lothian has established himself as a beer guru, and he did such a good job he now has a blogging gig with the Bangor Daily News writing the popular "If My Coaster Could Talk" blog.

Andrew Emery

You hear sirens and jump to the window, or see an ambulance blaring toward you in the rearview. By the time you see or hear it, Andrew Emery has probably already tweeted about it! From his inside view in the cab of an ambulance or fire truck, or the cab of his own truck as he racks up thousands of miles all over Maine, @FyrAndWyr is a news breaker, alerting the twitter world to what’s happening all over Northern and Eastern Maine.

Gretchen Schaefer

Got a question about technology and education? Gretchen Schaefer’s unique job and her zest to be a lifelong learner make her a coveted resource among the twitter community. Can’t make your prezi talk to your dingleberry? Wondering how to integrate things most of us can’t pronounce? That’s @snappity territory!

The Faceplanking Award

Who’s the most creative with their content? You see a new post or tweet that makes you smile and tell all your friends. It’s impossible to resist sharing the stuff that the recipient of the Faceplanking Award posts. Vote for your choice now!

Downtown Bangor

Pictures speak a thousand words and they also gain you six thousand likes on Facebook. Posting a rich and diverse assortment of photos from yesterday and today has grown and engaged the followers of our area's artistic and social hub. With a reach spanning across the world, Downtown Bangor creates an interesting forum on their Facebook page covering topics such as favorite restaurants, economic development and the Great Christmas/Holiday Tree Debate of 2012.


Through marketing programs that make you smile like the Darling's Ice Cream Truck and the Darling's Photo Booth, Darling's has brought fresh and fun content to our social networks making us not only share but excited to help create. Everything they do seems to have a "like" button attached and we wouldn't be surprised to see one affixed to the stage at the Darling's Waterfront Pavilion this summer.


If you can dodge a wrench, you can share a picture. Which is exactly what the Fusion:Bangor community did this year with the inaugural dodgeball season of the Fusion Sports program. From midair dodging action shots to clever digital trading cards of the team captains, Fusion's marketing team has remixed their approach to reaching out this past year incorporating multimedia with all their events and programs.

The Instabacon Award

Whether it’s through crafty Instagram photos or behind-the-scenes YouTube videos, the winner of this award is a master of integrating photos and videos into their social media world. Who makes a picture or video worth a thousand words? Vote for your choice now!

Jeff Kirlin

Well how do you like this nomination Bit Chizz? If there is an event that Jeff's not at is it really an event? From the candid shots at the Waterfront Concerts to (*gasp*) A WEDDING! Jeff is there to record what happens and share it with us along with his interesting take on what's going on.

Sutherland Weston

These folks have people singing and dancing through their offices and debating the finer merits of a buttery flakey crust. They are creating a buzz. They continue to both entertain us and gain exposure for their clients with their creative use of multimedia.

Tom Round

As one of the first on the scene in many news stories, Tom Round has done an extraordinary job of capturing images for his followers. This half of the best dressed media couple in Bangor keeps us up to date with real time photos of the news as its unfolding.

The @ Award

Posting’s one thing, but engaging with your audience is another. The @ Award winner is always there with a reply or more info when someone interacts. Who’s the best at staying in touch with their own social media crowd on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks? Vote for your choice now!

Governor's Restaurant

Fairly new to the social media scene, Governor’s has grabbed hold of the opportunity to interact with its clientele in strong fashion. Between Twitter and Facebook they have built a solid social media presence and don’t forget their Foursquare special – a free slice of pie for every third check in!

Bull Moose

Bull Moose truly understands what it means to interact with their customers. In addition to promoting their stores, they also use social media as a way to listen to their clientele. They’ve found success in creating online conversations with music lovers.

Marion Syversen

Whether you are celebrating a success or grumbling about a rough day, Marion Syverson is always quick to reply with a wise word or two. Although she can't talk about "The Firm That Must Not Be Named", Marion is always there to make you feel cozy.

The 0-60 Award

Where’d they come from? Whether it’s a new business or a seasoned social media user who really took center stage on social media, the 0-60 Award winner has shown the power of generating conversation and buzz. Vote for your choice now!


Though Geaghan's has been a Bangor fixture for decades, they've embraced social media with open arms and full pint glasses. Combined with the launch of Geaghan Brothers Brewing in late 2011, Geaghan's routinely posts mouth-watering content that makes you count the hours until your next meal or drink.


COESPACE isn't just an open event space in downtown Bangor; it's also as a new hub of the city's social and cultural scene. Owners Josh Schmersal and Anne Schmidt consistently generate conversation about the events happening in their Columbia Street space and beyond, helping inspire new ideas in business, art, and everything in between.

Pat Lemieux

By developing a network of popular blogs at the Bangor Daily News, Pat Lemieux made a name for himself in 2012 with a new approach for generating buzz and readership for the BDN. He then moved onto the role of Events Producer, leading the Bangor Garden Show & Spring Fling as well as the complete lineup of BDN events to follow in 2013.