The 2014 SMBBGR Awards

The Nominees

We have a great group of nominees for our inaugural SMBBGR Awards. Join us at our breakfast on Thursday, July 10 to hear who wins!

The Hashtagger Award

Who is the go-to person for their industry thanks to social media? Who has been able to build their reputation and expertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks enough so that their name is synonymous with the work they do?

Tanya Emery

Bangor's Director Community & Economic Development always seems to be there with the information people want to know about the city of Bangor, whether it's answering who can take care of an issue or talking about the latest additions to Bangor's business family (at least after they're ready to be publicly announced).

Andrew Emery

You hear sirens and jump to the window, or see an ambulance blaring toward you in the rearview. By the time you see or hear it, Andrew Emery has probably already tweeted about it! From his inside view in the cab of an ambulance or fire truck, or the cab of his own truck as he racks up thousands of miles all over Maine, @FyrAndWyr is a news breaker, alerting the twitter world to what’s happening all over Northern and Eastern Maine.

Chad Lothian

If you need a beer recommendation, review, or info about a beer-related event, there’s only one place to go. Chad Lothian has established himself as a beer guru, and he did such a good job he now has a blogging gig with the Bangor Daily News writing the popular If My Coaster Could Talk blog.

The Faceplanking Award

Who’s the most creative with their content? You see a new post or tweet that makes you smile and tell all your friends. It’s impossible to resist sharing the stuff that the recipient of the Faceplanking Award posts.

Darling's Photo Booth

Through marketing programs that make you smile like the Darling's Photo Booth, Darling's has brought fresh and fun content to our social networks making us not only share but excited to help create. Everything they do seems to have a "like" button attached and we wouldn't be surprised to see one affixed to the stage at the Darling's Waterfront Pavilion this summer.

Gibran Graham

Through his roles as an event architect and committee member, Gibran Graham helps keep Bangor busy with a variety of things to do ranging from the SnowCon gaming convention to outdoor movies in Pickering Square with River City Cinema to his new role as Bangor city councilor. There's a little bit of something for everyone in what Gibran shares with Bangor.

Maine Memes

Maine Memes is the place to go for a dose of Maine humor: Pine Tree takes on some of the Internet's best-known memes, photos that sum up life in our state, or even user-chosen town mottos. If you need a laugh and a reminder about what makes Maine such a unique place to live, Maine Memes is there.

The Instabacon Award

Whether it’s through crafty Instagram photos or behind-the-scenes YouTube videos, the winner of this award is a master of integrating photos and videos into their social media world. Who makes a picture or video worth a thousand words?

3315 Aviation

Look, up in the sky! It's… what is that? Chances are, Tony of 3315 Aviation. The self-proclaimed #avgeek keeps Twitter streams interesting with photos of interesting planes on approach to Bangor International Airport, and he's also there with news of special arrivals that plane spotters wouldn't want to miss.

Jeff Kirlin

Well how do you like this nomination Bit Chizz? If there is an event that Jeff's not at is it really an event? From the candid shots at the Waterfront Concerts to (*gasp*) A WEDDING! Jeff is there to record what happens and share it with us along with his interesting take on what's going on.

Sutherland Weston

These folks have people singing and dancing through their offices and swiping kayaks for Business After Hours. They are creating a buzz. They continue to both entertain us and gain exposure for their clients with their creative use of multimedia.

The @ Award

Posting’s one thing, but engaging with your audience is another. The @ Award winner is always there with a reply or more info when someone interacts. Who’s the best at staying in touch with their own social media crowd on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks?

Marion Syversen

Whether you are celebrating a success or grumbling about a rough day, Marion Syverson is always quick to reply with a wise word or two. Although she can't talk about "The Firm That Must Not Be Named", Marion is always there to make you feel cozy.

Ben Sprague

As Bangor Council Chair, Ben Sprague is one of the city's most-often interviewed and most visible representatives – and his presence on Facebook and Twitter helps keep the conversation going. He does his best to facilitate answers to questions about the city and what's happening within it, and he also keeps residents informed with data points and other notes about the Queen City.

Governor's Restaurant

Governor’s has grabbed hold of the opportunity to interact with its clientele in strong fashion. Between Twitter and Facebook they have built a solid social media presence and don’t forget their Foursquare special – a free slice of pie for every third check in!

The 0-60 Award

Where’d they come from? Whether it’s a new business or a seasoned social media user who really took center stage on social media, the 0-60 Award winner has shown the power of generating conversation and buzz.

Bangor Police Department

What do you think you'd typically see on a police department's Facebook page? The Bangor Police Department probably has it – mixed with a bunch of fun. Have you ever seen a cop car selfie? Or have you followed the travels of the Duck of Justice as it welcomes new officers and reports on the latest news of the city? The Bangor police has you covered.

Betsy Webb

The superintendent of the Bangor School Department has become a great digital ambassador of everything going on within Bangor's ten schools and beyond. With links to relevant news articles featuring students and photos from events around the city, Superintendent Webb gives Bangor a glimpse of the education its children receive every day.

Bangor Public Library

Between talking about events, spreading a love of books, and raising awareness about their campaign to improve the facility, the Bangor Public Library brings one of Bangor's oldest institutions online. Stop by to take a #BPLSelfie or just enjoy kids' programming, music, and more under the shiny copper roof.