The 2015 SMBBGR Awards

The Nominees

We have a great group of nominees for our inaugural SMBBGR Awards. Cast your vote now and join us at our breakfast on July 9 to hear who wins!

The #HashtaggerAward

Who is the go-to person for their industry thanks to social media? Who has been able to build their reputation and expertise via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a blog, or other networks enough so that their name is synonymous with the work they do?

Lee Jackson

University of Maine Political Science Student Lee Jackson distinguishes himself above the fray and is a must follow in the discussion of Maine politics on social media. Lee is also a member of the RSU 34 School Board, and chairman of the Penobscot County Republicans.

Central Street Farmhouse

Need info on brewing your own beer or making your own wine? Maybe seeking information on using cloth diapers? The Farmhouse blog, and their sister store Maine Cloth Diapers are the go to place.

Mario Moretto

Mario has made himself a must follow for all things politics coming out of Augusta, with the occasional USA Soccer/New England Revolution mention thrown in for good measure.

Tim Cotton (TC)

The man behind the Duck of Justice, Sgt Cotton has brought international accolades to the Bangor Police Department Facebook page with his unique style.

The #PhotogenicAward

Whether it's through photos, videos, or sound, the winner of this award is a master of going between the lines and integrating media into their social media world. Whose content is worth a thousand words?

Bangor Humane Society

Yes, we admit that the Bangor Humane Society has a bit of an unfair advantage in the Photogenic category. How can you go wrong with photos of puppies and kittens? But by putting names and faces to the animals that need help in our area - and giving us lots of helpful information for everyone who loves furry friends in the Bangor region - the Humane Society always earns barks and meows of approval.

Mexicali Blues

Mexicali is always quick to show off the newest goods that arrive in their stores. Whether it's something you've wanted for years or something you just need to have now that you've seen it on social media, posts from Mexicali Blues are sure to get your creative juices going with new additions to your wardrobe and home.

The Juice Cellar

Photos of The Juice Cellar's plant-based drinks and salads have been making our mouths water since they arrived in the Bangor scene. Their peek into what goes into the production of their food from seed to plate on Instagram and Facebook gives us a look at the goodness in every serving.

The #EngagementAward

Posting's one thing, but engaging with your audience is another. The Engagement Award winner is always there with a reply or more info when someone interacts. Who's the best at staying in touch with their own social media crowd on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks?

Geaghan's Pub & Geaghan Brothers Brewing

For 40 years, the Geaghans have shown how they welcome the community to a locally-owned restaurant and pub and continue to do so with their brewing company. Their interaction with followers on social media is no different, actively responding and engaging with the community in a variety of clever and creative ways.

Amy Fried

A political scientist by trade & political junkie by hobby, Amy Fried is often found in the thick of discussion on social media and rarely one to back away from controversial topics. Fried is a professor of Political Science at the University of Maine and the faculty advisor to the UMaine College Republicans.

The Family Dog

You can't toss a tweet out about The Family Dog and not expect to get it returned to you with tail wagging. Greeting every social check-in, this restaurant is more than just a hot dog stand and constantly shows appreciation for its patrons. Woof!

The #NewserAward

BREAKING: They're on the scene giving you the latest news and stories you need to know the Bangor area. Who wields the microphone or laptop best to give you the most complete and accurate record of the day-to-day in Bangor?

Nick McCrea

When Nick was covering the Bangor beat he did an incredible job at giving us the latest up-to-the-minute info on all things concerning Bangor and its happenings. Now he has a new focus covering the region's educational institutions and still manages to be one of the loudest voices for all things Bangor. This makes him an integral part of the social media news circle for the region and who we go to on Facebook and Twitter for the real scoop.

Kristin Hosfelt

While many TV anchors only seem to post stories on social media after they are all wrapped up Kristin engages on Facebook and Twitter when the news is breaking too. The way she can explain the news in the moment and also excite people about the full coverage to follow not only makes her good at news coverage, but also makes her a savvy social media marketer

Caitlin Burchill

It's hard not to get excited when Caitlin is live covering an event. She uses social media to let the world know where TV 5 is, what they are covering and also what it's like behind the scenes. In this way she helps the community know and love the channel 5 news team and what they do.

The #HeyBangorAward

Hark! Music! A siren! Traffic! The winner of the Hey Bangor award is connected with answers about Bangor. If there's something going down in the Queen City, you'll hear it from them.

Downtown Bangor

Downtown Bangor is the go-to source for the goings on in our vibrant downtown. Store sales and events, city sponsored events, updates on downtown projects can all be found on their social channels.

Angel Matson

As the assignment editor for WABI, Angel has connected with viewers to round out news coverage with viewer submitted photos and video, whether it's the world's biggest plane or a fender bender holding up Hammond street, or the darker stories of our region, Angel is finding sources. In addition to getting the news from viewers, she also shares resources for people who might be in crisis, hoping to make stories of domestic violence and other crimes from happening and becoming a story.

Ben Sprague

Ben Sprague is a city councilor who interacts with his constituents on a regular basis - and with kindness. If you have a question about the city, he will try to find an answer. Data Wednesday posts often provide insight to city operations that never make the front page.

The #TrendingAward

Who won the social media crown in the greater Bangor area this year? The Trending Award winner gave you no choice but to click the share or retweet button and left you talking well beyond the post. Like.

Orono Brewing Company

New to the Social Media scene this year, they have quickly become a fan favorite. OBC does a great job keeping its loyal followers updated with the newest beer on tap and all the fun and excitement coming out of the Draught Room.

Waterfront Concerts

WFC loves to tease us with upcoming show announcements (and we're never let down). The follow through with interesting and relevant posts about artists in the lineup and fun pictures from past shows are fan favorites.

Darling's Ice Cream Truck

On the road all over Maine, the Darling's Ice Cream Truck is there to have fun, do good, and make people smile (that's actually written on the side of the truck!). Raising money for charities all over the state their posts are fun, engaging and the pictures can't help but make you smile.

"We Are Bangor"

At over 200,000 views (helped by being featured on NBC Nightly News), this was on instant hit. Produced locally and shared far and wide through social media this video made the Queen City proud.