Nominations open for the 2013 SMBBGR Awards

Posted on May 10, 2013

Social Media Breakfast Bangor turns two in June! To celebrate our anniversary, we’re holding the second round of SMBBGR Awards. We had a fantastic group of winners last year, and we want to honor more people in the area who are doing social media right!

Our awards will be held during our June 6th breakfast. Before then, we need to nominate people for each of our award categories, and we need to vote to see who will win. That’s where you can help!

The first step is to suggest people who you believe are good candidates for each of our award categories. Between now and Wednesday, May 15th at noon, please nominate Bangor-area businesses and individuals for the following awards:

    • The Faceplanking Award: Who’s the most creative with their content? You see a new post or tweet that makes you smile and tell all your friends. It’s impossible to resist sharing the stuff that the recipient of the Faceplanking Award posts. (2012 winner: Sarah Smiley)
    • The Hashtagger Award: Who is the go-to person for their industry thanks to social media? Who has been able to build their reputation and expertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks enough so that their name is synonymous with the work they do? (2012 winner: Carolyn Callahan)
    • The @ Award: Posting’s one thing, but engaging with your audience is another. The @ Award winner is always there with a reply or more info when someone interacts. Who’s the best at staying in touch with their own social media crowd on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks? (2012 winner: Jessica Lothian)
    • The 0-60 Award: Where’d they come from? Whether it’s a new business or a seasoned social media user who really took center stage on social media, the 0-60 Award winner has shown the power of generating conversation and buzz. (2012 winner: Suz Stephenson)
    • The Instabacon Award: Whether it’s through crafty Instagram photos or behind-the-scenes YouTube videos, the winner of this award is a master of integrating photos and videos into their social media world. Who makes a picture or video worth a thousand words? (2012 winner: Mark Nason)

We know last year’s winners are still doing great things, but we’re going to let a new batch of nominees compete for the crowns this year. Please nominate as many people and companies as you like for each category; you can nominate even if you’ve never attended a breakfast.

We’ll post a final list of nominees after nominations close next week. After that it’ll be up to everyone to pick the winner in each category! We’ll announce the 2013 SMBBGR Award winners at our June breakfast.

Thanks for helping us with our awards! We can’t wait to see you on June 6th. Until then, go nominate!